Sunday, December 25, 2011

how you remind me?

Hello, it's three-o-clock in the mid of the night and i'm still awake.
At this moment, i'm feeling so sick, so bad. Time flies, everything changed.
I gotta admit that, I've changed. I can't tell that i'm being a better person in the last few days of 2011.
but at least, i've learn to be stronger and more tough. But there's a question for myself now, am i that high profile for you to gossip about me? I was chatting with my ex-boyf just now through skype.
and yea, i knew both of us are getting each other, so we just chat as friends.
But somehow he told me, lots of his friends are complaining about me to him, and he asked me to behave myself. oh ya. i was like. omgwtfbbq. BEHAVE myself?
first of all,  i just wanna make things clear. I'm officially single now. and i don't have to report every single thing that i did to anyone except my family. k? Or i should said, can you guys be more considerate? Don't judge me, if you don't know me well. i guess most of the people talking behind me are those people that i not really close to or i don't even know about them. But what's wrong with you guys? Am i that fugly/bad/evil to make you all complain/gossip/comment on me? I'm really upset about it.

I have my own friends, i have my own life. I hang out with my friends, i work on weekdays to earn my pocket money, I drink, but what now? You don't have your own life? don't be so lifeless can or not? :)
I just want to make my life simple. May I?
If you have any problem with me, come, i can talk to you. and see what can i do for you.
But not talking behind me. kthnxbai.

Ya, I'm so upset now. i know i shouldn't blame anyone, anymore.
Because it doesn't help, what i should do is to prove to all of you that you are wrong.
I guess i shouldn't share my own feeling, my thought, my personal things in the social network.

I'm just feeling so down right now. What can i do?
If things can't go right, go left. I'm turning into left soon. I guess.
and i just realized that i don't have any soul mate. Because at this moment i have no one to talk to.
Keep calm, and go on. life is still goes on no matter how pathetic am i.

good night.

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