Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sudden thought.

Good morning peeps. First time blogging through my itouch. It's pretty early now while waiting uncle to get his thing done, am sitting down and the mind going through a lot of thought. Aww I can't said how good I can be or I want to be. But at least if I'm in love in something, I will be brave enough to get it and I will try my best to change my bad behavior just to make things right. But what if, i wouldn't know is that the one I'm in love with is going to hurt me or not. This is confusing ad challenging. In a relationship is much more complicated compare to math. At least we got a solution for every math question but when it comes to love or being love, sometimes there's just dont have any solution or even cure. When you keep telling yourself don't, it's like wtf your mind will automatically tell you do it not don't. Aww ;( sometimes when you know the thing is going wrong, the thing is so not right, but when you fall, you can't make yourself stand. You will stay in the same position and fall for the person more b more. I don't believe in love in the first sight before it, but now I think yes. I do believe love in the first sight. But nog Everytime the person u want to be with are willing to be with you. Ya, this is love and this is life also. We just have to stand up and keep going, because time doesn't wait for you. I don't know what is going on, but my mind have been thinking of him day and night. I just can't get rid of him. I just can't stop thinking oh noz. I need time I think. Chill :)

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