Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prom night.

In a blink on an eye, 2012 is here. no more 2011. How was my 2012? i think i screwed up all the things.
Ya like seriously, should figure some ways to make my life better. lol. 
But i'm not regretting for what decision i had made, or disappointed at things/people. 
I had finish SPM in 2011, which i have to take another big step in my life. - go to college.
some people already started their college life but i'm not. a little bit emo because i'm still not sure what i wanna do in the future and i don't want my friends to forget.. :(
hard to meet up with friends because some already started college some working some ns. aiks. 
and so much i wanna do, like go to travel around the world but like impossible argh idky. :(
okay anyways 2011 is over. and yeah hey 2012 :D

i got nothing to blog for 2012, been sick for awhile , my face look so pale and i don't really my camera to take pic anymore after i got new love. :( i should really take more pix and then i can start blogging again. :)

What i left in 2011? Yea, the prom night post. I OWE YOU ALL*
Our school prom night was held at bayview hotel, penang.
ok fyi, there were more than 500 form 5 students in jit sin, but there were less than 200 students to join us.
and that's why at the end I join them. :]

It was a really good night with them. esp with vivan, ivy and meitze! :)
i miss them a lot a lot. Hope that we will gather again soon. :(

Casino royale as our theme! :)

look, i was sitting @ the VIP table lolol.


Jane, Lian Zheng and Vincent was performing. They did a well job. :)

he got pretty nice voice. *nicer than me* means super nice hahaha!

Lian Zheng & Jia Jia were singing *lucky* :)
i like her heels!

my fav for the whole night, They were dancing *the lazy song* 
AWESOME, seriously i miss that moment . Do it again next time, k? :D

Oops. The blogger.  I was the only one w/ long dress! Like super omg. 

Su Ann boyf. so handsome! :)

Mei Tze, so sexay right? :)

Next, Beatboxer in the house. LOL
i kinda like them too.

pei gang & peaches :)

GAME nxt.

All couple somemore except *suki and KT* but most of the ppl thought they are couple.
Hope that they will really become couple :)

Then, time to say good bye. 

 Me w/ Edmund, Vivan w/ me. :)

 Cat and Beh. LOL

From my class. Two pretty girls! =D

my form 3 classmate :D

Sweetie :D

Lian zheng, very old friend of mine. i like his eyes alot. :D

Christine w/ me. 

Wei soon di di =D

 and the super endao one, rayson. hehe.

Jane on the left, Dee dee on th right. =)

Nelson & jia jia. super sweet couple hoho. *jeles*

lastly, w/ my fav girlfs. =)
i won't forget all of you.
& I will make sure our friendship will stay long long gao gao 99.
Wo ai ni men, no matter where we go, what we do in the future.
You all are the memories in my high school life. teehee.
All the best to everyone!

 with full of love,

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