Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Jan is gonna be a very tough and hard month for me, i know.
everything went so wrong. and i think i need to figure out some way to make things right.
i'm just too fucked up w/ all the gossip. Don't ever judge the book by its cover.
You don't judge me if you never talk to me, or you never really understand me. #PLEASE
But i know it's actually related to our own attitude too. So, i gotta change.
Change the fact, and i want to prove that you're wrong. I'm not what you think. 

 had a serious fight w/ him just now. the very first time and i hope it will be the last time. i don't like the feeling. i hope everything will be alright. He actually cares and i thought he don't. This is the problem. :(
I promise i will listen to him. to be a good girl. *i'm a good girl k actually* just i'm fresh graduate. everything also wanna try. forgive me k. T_T
Everything happens for a reason. *listen to me big man* don't leave any scar between us!!!
I just want him to accompany me. MORE. *fingercross*
i appreciate you more than everything. i don't know whether you're reading or not. 
but if yes. Ya. trust me. =)

Self-respect, self-love is what i need. i need to behave myself. 
Time to change. :D:D

Ya another thing i'm doing is.. my JOB.
Should work harder to earn more. think of him and money will do. LOL

Just hold my hand, and tell me everything will be alright when i'm with you.. Will you?

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