Friday, January 6, 2012

Weng koh :P

Birthday post for my boy. lolol
Happy birthday to you Weng Koh. :)
He is more than a friend to me, more than a good friend. Ya, but too bad he is too handsome and being too kind thats why he is not my boyfie. T_T

If you want me to use a word to describe him, i really don't know which word to use. sincerely.
He is too nice, friendly, cute blah blah blah. i don't know what word to use if i rojak all these nice words lol.
I feel so bad when i wanted to write a birthday post for him, because when i go through all my pix, 
there was so few of his pix or the pix we took together. blame him!
because i always use his phone to take pix, and he never send it/bump it to me! That's why now im lack of pix. don't blame me for putting up your ugly pix! :P

He looks great w/ red right?:)
This pix was taken on my birthday. hee.
i remember you was the one who spend my birthday w/ me. :)
You was being so sweet and nice ALL THE TIME, ya i mean all the time.
when i am stuck at home, no food no entertainment and he is the one who will bring me food, bring me out.
He is even doing better than what a boyfriend must do. i'm so glad to have him in my life! =)

was taken in queensbay. Still remember? :P
long long time ago! i rike you when you 'set' your hair! :P
Uhmm, when i need someone to talk you, when i'm down..
i will think of you. because you are always there for me. you always listen to me.
i really appreciate our friendship. appreciate everything that you did. 
*although you still owe me my birthday present, christmas present* hahaha !

Just enjoy your birthday. :)
Have a blast one, i hope that you will be the happiest person on earth =P
because you can has me with you during your birthday! it's your pleasure you know? :P

no matter where you go, no matter where we are. i hope you won't forget me.
Because someone is going to oversea lalala. :(

I like this pix!!!

 we knew each other since primary school.
it's cool that we're still friends after so long.
thanks for being a part in my life!

when wanna go sing k again? :OOOOO

when tomyam again? :PPPPP

i just wanna say thank you.
and i wanna say happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you buddy :)

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Alfred said...

So envy tat u hv a gd friend like tat