Thursday, October 25, 2012


AS/A2 exam is finally started. :'(
but still i'm working for some part time jobs.
Any part time job please intro to me. i need money money money lol.

So this was about Kit-Kat job in USM and Kdu college & also home-dec fair in Pisa last few weeks ago.

feel so ji lat after having one. i brought 10 home but still inside the fridge. lol. can't manage to finish it until today.

New friend from indonesia! :D 
Say Hai to Mike!

The very annoying guy - Marcus ! :)

have a break, have a kit-kat.
from the left, Marcus & Aaron & your truly. :)

My very serious look when i was working. HELP ME TO LIKE KIT-KAT FACEBOOK PAGE PLEASE. 
It's very hot and bad connection in both usm and kdu. *sien face*

FORMAL WORK for home-dec pisa fair. it's kinda fun too! 

Til then
with love, Samantha.

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