Friday, October 11, 2013

Sector Focuses Career Fair (SFCF) @ USM, Penang.

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I was back in Penang last weekend because of the SFCF - Talent Corp fair. 
It was held in USM, Penang. & I need to say thank you to my mum and sister as my companion. :)
USM is way too big for me :/ The career fair and talk was held at dewan utama pelajar, we spent quite some time only get to the correct venue! 

You can see all these posters every where in the university! :)

TalentCorp has been organiz plenty of SFCF in various public universities aim to educate local students on career paths available and provide a platform to students who intend to explore more on specific field such as Oil and Gas, Electronics and Electrical, IT, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Education.

There are a lot of companies from different field join the career fair too. 

I saw a lot of people wearing formal and they brought their resume with them! :)
Hope they all got their dream job! 

We walked around the fair, I guess i'm still young to send in my resume! haha.
Because i'm not even finish my degree! lol.

But it was a good experience to me! :)
I was quite surprised because there are a lot of job opportunities in our county.
I really hope that our economy can get better, and unemployment will decrease.
So everyone in our country can live happily ever after and all the crime will decrease too. :)
*pray for the best*

Vacancies! :)

You can even get free gifts by just writing down your name email blah blah blah. :)
I got myself a pencil lol.

After that, I've attended the career talk. The dewan is full of people. 

The talk is about Iskandar Malaysia Talent Landscape.
Q :Do you guys know where is the Iskandar Malaysia?
A: It's Johor. 

En Mohd Redzuan Mohd Sofian, the Senior Vice President of Business Eco System Division in IRDA is speaking about the Talent Landscape in Iskandar Malaysia - CTalk, TalentCorp.

For more information, check out SCFC facebook page

Get to know another blogger from penang, guendeline . Read her blog too k.
She's sweet and lovely. hope that i will get to meet her soon :D

Thanks nuffnang , for giving such a great opportunity to join this career fair!

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