Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paris Holiday 《巴黎假期》

I'm so thankful and glad that I've received a special screening to watch Paris holiday from Seeties!
I watched it on 21st of July and it will be open to the public on 23rd of July! (;
It's kinda romantic too! To those who are fancy fancy romantic love story. Do give it a try!

Pimple pops out idkwhy! T_T
looking fully!

Basically,Paris Holiday - Louis Koo Tin-lok plays Lam Chun-kit, a wine company executive who flees Hong Kong after his high-flying colleague girlfriend refuses a marriage proposal. Half-expecting his Paris transfer to go as a holiday for his broken heart, Chun-kit is regrettably arranged by his property agent (Alex Fong Chung-shun) to share a flat with a "psychopathic" artist, fresh from a break-up.

While Ding Xiao-min's (Amber Kuo Tsai-chieh) only notable trait as an aspiring painter appears to be her "artistic temperament", Chun-kit is inexplicably forced to pass himself off as a homosexual to avoid irritating his flatmate. But as months pass and many Hallmark-worthy notes of encouragement are exchanged, could the pair's "sisterhood" remain platonic for long?

Watch the trailer out! :)

* p/s. After watching this movie, I feel like i need a holiday in Paris too!
Paris is such a beautiful and romantic country! I believe that I'll meet a lot of lovely people there, explore more about Paris! :)

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